Sunday, December 02, 2012

St Andrews Hospice Santa Run 2012

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It was very cold this morning but such a nice day and couldnt wait to get going, partly because i wanted to keep warm. Not long after arriving at St James House in St James Square in Grimsby, loads of Santas arrived, some of them four legged – in their Santa suits. Knew 2 of them personally. The Grimsby Telegraph was there taking photos of some of the Santas and including a pic of all of us in a group so it should be in the paper in the next few days.

Being a Fun Run and not a race it was still my intention to run it as fast as possible with the aim of about 17 mins. The course was 3 circuits amounting to 2 miles. Unfortunately a few minutes in a wardrobe malfunction occurred again. This time the belt didnt snap, it slid down but left my Santa pants unsupported. As a result I was once again running the course holding my pants up! Dont worry Folks I was wearing my normal running gear underneath .i.e. running shorts and t-shirt!

As I had predicted earlier my fellow Clee AC clubmate Jon Dollery, who was also running as a Santa, was the first one back! Knowing his pace he probably did it in about 12 mins. My stopwatch had me finishing in 17.05 which bodes well for the 5k on Tuesday, despite my little malfunction.

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This afternoon I attended a service at Grimsby Minster in memory of Laura Mcphee, the girl who I ran the Hull Marathon for earlier in the year. The charity can be found at Please Support them. The service was really nice.