Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Cunning Plan

A few days ago I made the decision that from this thursday I would start training at my local running track, King George V stadium, every thursday from now on.
Recently I had been racing on it for the club at league and open meetings and had noticed I had started to speed up. These meetings had only been occasional, getting used to the track every time. So if running on the track occasionally was speeding me up, why not run on the track regularly? Think of what could be accomplished...

Other Club members will be there
All track and road times will come down
Will be used to running on the track
Can see exactly how far am running

Thursdays will be dedicated solely to running on the track/speedwork but it is in addition to all my other training, road and off-road running that I do during the week getting my miles in.
Unsure of my track training plan but do know my goals. Thats the Cunning plan