Sunday, November 10, 2013

When the Duchess Met the Games Maker (me) – Part 1

On 5th March 2013 Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, came to my town. Having been a fan of admirer of all the young royals including Kate, I decided I wanted to go and see her. The nearest place to me she was visiting was the National Fishing Heritage Centre. The day before she came I decided I would go and see her in my Games Maker uniform as she had been at London 2012 and been a great supporter of the event.

Expecting a large crowd it seemed a good idea to get there as early as possible so got myself to the National Fishing Heritage Centre for 7.30am and was the 2nd person there. Next thing I know I am being interviewed by local news ‘Look North’ less than an hour later. Whilst waiting a photo of myself and the crowd is posted on the Viking FM twitter

Due to freezing fog the Duchess was delayed by at least an hour. It was really cold for me in my Games Maker uniform which was designed for Summer, not freezing fog. Was so glad when she finally arrived. After waving to the crowds, talking to the dignitaries and taking a tour of the centre, Kate decided to greet the crowds. All the time I had planned to come see the Duchess I had hoped I might get a chance to talk to her. The closer she came my heart began beating a lot quicker. As she came along I took quite a few photos of the event. Closer and Closer she came and then…the Duchess saw me and spoke to me!

The first thing the Duchess of Cambridge said to me was “I recognise that uniform” referring to my Games Maker uniform then she asked what I had done at the Olympics. We also talked about the Olympics in general, the sports she liked as I remembered she liked Hockey. It was quite a long chat and I made her laugh at one point. I really enjoyed the chat. Not only did she look fantastic but she was easy to talk to and down to earth. After that she spoke to more of the crowd and left. Shortly after she left I was interviewed for ‘Calendar’ and a few other journalists including many from the national papers. I was also interviewed by a journalist from Lincs FM/Compass FM who got some quotes from myself and the first person there.

To my complete surprise, due to a tip off from a friend, I later discovered a photo of myself talking to the Duchess of Cambridge in most of the national newspapers. A fantastic photo. This one below:


Even more surprising is how widespread this photo was published. In addition to which my local paper The Grimsby Telegraph had photos of me in it for 4 days consecutively as well. Here are some of the sites I have found to date with that photo to be published with links. Will add more when i find them:



 The Daily Express. It was on page 5 in the paper version






ITV Website. It made a few appearances on that website






A BBC News Gallery of her visit to Grimsby






The Daily Mail. A slightly different one a but great one of the Duchess whilst she is talking to me. As you can see, I made her laugh!





Sky News






MSN News






ITV News again






My favourite place of all: The Duchess of Cambridge’s own official website




There was also lots of video footage taken on the day of the event by news broadcasters etc but will save that for another post.