Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Barton Cross Country 2014

My time at this year’s Barton Cross Country was 64.44 as compared to last year’s 57.58. The difference being last year I was running quite well and before my timings had started to come down on the track. In addition to which I still had my ‘fitness’, running at a decent pace. Due to my injury at the Scunthorpe Cross Country last year which took me out of action for 6 weeks, I lost some of my fitness. Hence why my time this year is much slower.

Nevertheless it was a good run round Baysgarth Park in my Clee AC vest and thoroughly enjoyed it. The Barton Cross Country course while being easier than the National Cross Country Championships which I ran in a few weeks ago, is still quite tough. More info on the National Cross Country Championships later.

Photos taken of me below are by Steve Green.