Sunday, May 25, 2014

Lincoln parkrun 17th May 2014

Leading up to volunteering at Cleethorpes first ever parkrun, I needed to go to one and find out how it was done. Basically that meant going to a local parkrun and watching how they did things. I chose to go to Lincoln, not having been to Lincoln for ages.

The Lincoln parkrun is set in a really nice park called Boultham Park, just off the River Witham. A great setting for any run or race. For me I travelled on the train to Lincoln Central and walked down, arriving just before 8.30am as the volunteer team and a handful of runners were appearing. Everyone was very friendly. My plan was to run it as fast as I could but decided against that over a mile into the parkrun due to the heat. It was a really hot day. Although I love hot and sunny weather, I generally tend to struggle running in it whatever the distance even if its 100m. In the end I just jogged it as I would any other normal training run.

My time was 29.59. The total amount of runners for that parkrun was 272. After the parkrun I joined the other runners for refreshments at the Indoor Bowls Club. Quite enjoyed it and happy to return to the Lincoln parkrun again one day.

Just to emphasise: parkrun is NOT a race! You run it as fast or as you slow as you want! Great for training or speedwork and running with other people. Here are the Lincoln parkrun results 17th May 2014

Pic_0517_003 Pic_0517_004


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The photo left is of me running round Boultham Park in my Clee AC vest. Photo by Jack Thomas, Lincoln parkrun volunteer.