Thursday, May 29, 2014

Trip to Lincoln Castle: Roman Re-enactment

After running in the Lincoln parkrun I decided to head into central Lincoln, towards the castle and cathedral and up Steep Hill. On arriving at the Castle not only did it appear that there were refurbishments going on there happened to be a Roman Re-enactment going on that day also, which was fun and entertaining.

Ever the photographer I took many photos on my phone of my trip round Lincoln and the Roman Re-enactment:

Pic_0517_024 Pic_0517_006 Pic_0517_007 Pic_0517_008 Pic_0517_009 Pic_0517_010 Pic_0517_011 Pic_0517_012 Pic_0517_014 Pic_0517_015 Pic_0517_017 Pic_0517_018 Pic_0517_019 Pic_0517_020 Pic_0517_021 Pic_0517_022 Pic_0517_023