Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Maravan 22nd/23rd November 2014

Over 6 months ago I took a spontaneous decision to run the “Maravan” as its called. Its a play on words for “Marathon” held in a caravan park, Thorpe Park, at Cleethorpes at the end of November 2014. At the beginning of the year I had decided that I was not going a run a marathon this year. Once I was aware of the “Maravan” race my mind changed just like that. For this race you can either run either the Saturday or the Sunday or run both days. To make it more of a challenge and more interesting, I decided to run BOTH days making my “maravan” race running 2 full marathons in 2 consecutive days. The event itself is now under 2 months away being on the 22nd/23rd November 2014.

In my lifetime I have ever ran 1 marathon, the Hull Marathon, in April 2012 so this is an incredible challenge for me which will also make me even fitter.



To find more information on the Maravan event click here

Click here for the Maravan entry list

Many local runners are also taking part, of which many of those are experienced marathon runners or ultrarunners. Expect they will get round the course better than I will however I am confident I will run BOTH days without a problem. My training began on the 19th/July 2014 as part of my 19 week training program, which this time was created by myself. One of my first training runs for it was the National Lottery Newham London Anniversary Run round the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, the home of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games