Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Targeting Great Newham London Run 2015

A few months ago I signed up to run round the Olympic Park again. No Longer called 'The Anniversary Run' the event is now called 'The Great Newham London Run' and now a 10k event. It is special this year because not only is it a new event and new course but it finishes in the newly refurbished Olympic Stadium which doesnt open to the public till 2016.
As its the home of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, I want to run the best 10k I can. Wont be easy though as its usually 23C to 25C on the Olympic Park in July and I dont run well in hot weather. Am also slightly unfit at the minute so made a plan to get it back and train up for this special event on the Olympic Park. Other than running regularly at least 3 times a week and running on the track I decided a great way to train would be to run Cleethorpes parkrun at least once a month. Apart from being a fun, friendly, social event its also a free timed 5k away from cars and roads making it ideal for Speedwork.Until last Saturday I hadnt ran Cleethorpes parkrun since last June when my PB became 28.46 under the old course. My first parkrun under the current course was on 11th April 2015 - ignoring my tailrunning at parkrun, in a time of 29.40. Due to the way the parkrun software works it doesn't distinguish between the different courses so it regards my PB as 28.46 until I beat that time. 28.46 is the time I need to beat at Cleethorpes parkrun in order to get any kind of PB.

For the time I want to run in this 10k I need to get a time of 22 or 23 mins. That will be hard as I have never ran a 5k in even 25 mins not even in the Prom Race's on Cleethorpes seafront. The important thing is just to keep pushing it and keep getting it down. So as long as I keep improving and end up on the PB corner of the Cleethorpes parkrun website reasonably regularly, I will be on course for a decent run in the Great Newham London Run.

I sort of "announced" the fact I'm doing the Great Newham London Run through the Cleethorpes parkrun website here: http://www.parkrun.org.uk/cleethorpes/news/2015/04/11/parkrun-xl1v/

Looking forward to going...Back to the Stadium #backtothestadium