Saturday, November 09, 2013

On the Bench TV: My local telly appearance

In early June of 2013 an opportunity was presented to me to participate in a local and new sports discussion show called ‘On the Bench’. I would have originally been in the 1st episode of the new series had I responded a little quicker but was very glad to have been involved in it. I was in fact in the 2nd episode of the 1st series, which is available to view below:

Of course my aim was to go on and promote my running club, Cleethorpes Athletics Club, whilst talking about the Olympics, which is what I did. Another objective was to talk up our fantastic and talented track athletes at Clee AC. Until that point I had never been in a studio setting and preferred dealing with the media ‘live’ when talking to journalists and photographers at fun runs etc so found it more than a little nerve-racking. In the process during filming I did make one factual error concerning the age the club takes kids on, which is actually at 7 years old.

At the end I really enjoyed the experience and looking forward to returning to the series one day soon in some sort of episode which also catches up with what i’ve been doing since my first appearance.

‘On the Bench’ is still going and currently into its second series, produced and made by Estuary TV. ‘On the Bench’ can be followed on twitter here @onthebenchtv and Estuary TV can be found @estuarytv