Sunday, January 19, 2014

Played First Jantastic Joker

Reluctantly I played my first joker on the Jantastic website today for my 3rd run of the 2nd week. So far I have been 100% on doing all my runs. My target was 3 runs a week so have only done 5 in the past fortnight.

In the past few weeks I have managed 20 laps of the athletics track on the past 2 thursdays and even managed an unexpected 10 mile run last tuesday: 2.5 mile run to Weelsby Woods, Run round Weelsby Woods with several fellow runners approx 5 miles then 2.5 miles back again.

Didnt go for a run today so played my joker. Its nothing to do with my actual running as thats going well and i'm happy with that. Not been sleeping well for the past few days, my energy levels have been going up and down and its caught up with me. Eating has been fine. Just need to mentally recharge my batteries and restore my energy levels.
Will be back to my running as usual on tuesday, running that same 10 miles again.