Tuesday, February 11, 2014

8 weeks Back In Training (My Jantastic January)

2 days ago on Sunday 9th February marks exactly 8 weeks back in training since recovering from my injury. One thing is certain: Running for miles and miles is not a problem. Can happily run up to 10 miles anytime I want though I would only want to do that once in any week.

My fitness is slowly improving but not enough to get any speed up at this current time. Thats yet to come.

In the past few weeks, like week 3, I nearly didnt get out and run but still did so apart from just 1 run. My energy has been a little erratic as has been my sleeping pattern. Coincidence? Think not.

My attempt to do some speedwork last thursday by running 10k as fast as possible misfired. From now on will be doing 5k's as fast as possible, the target being at 8 mins a mile. Not sure that target is attainable just yet but if I dont go for it I will never get it. Its the attempts to do it that will also help bring my running times down. Thats how things went last year.

Last week I began running 4 days a week. My progress on Jantastic plus my february targets can be seen from the screenshots above.