Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Progress Report: 4 Weeks Back In Training

Sunday 12th January marks being back in training only 4 weeks. In those 4 weeks I have also ran in 2 races, very steadily. Sometimes near the end of a run I feel I can muster some short spurts or sprints but not far and not for very long. Need to be running steadily anyway whilst my fitness is rebuilt.

My first week of Jantastic doing 3 runs a week went well with the 2nd week just beginning.

Although time is irrelevant to me at the moment it is a good way of measuring my fitness and whether or not it is improving. I ran in the New Years Day 10k and the January 5k Prom Race with the following times and paces:

Race Time Pace Per Mile
New Years Day 10K 61.38 9.55
January Prom Race 5k 29.12 9.23

By my calculations that is an improvement of 32 seconds per mile, which isnt a great deal but can only be regarded as a sign of improving fitness. There was only 1 training run of 5 miles done between both these races. For January and early february the plan is to carry on doing steady runs but no speedwork just yet. Wont attack any ‘proper’ cross country training till February when I feel much fitter to tackle the terrain.

Here are reports in my local paper, the Grimsby Telegraph, about the following races: New Years Day 10k, January Prom Race 5k