Sunday, November 16, 2014

Training so far…and Winding Down

My last BIG training weekend last weekend didn’t quite go according to plan. Last Sunday I managed over 21 miles, having done 6 laps plus 2 miles of my own local course. However it was unfortunately rudely interrupted by my IBS so had to sit on the throne each lap. IBS flared up again last Monday when I set out to do 20 miles but only did 10 as my condition became painful. My legs could have easily carried me round but had to concede defeat.

On each occasion my flat was used as a water station and loo if necessary and it worked for me. Taking on water each lap kept me hydrated and prevented leg cramp.

Since then I have done about 2 miles on my treadmill, taking about 20 mins. Didnt do the 13 miler I planned yesterday and not ran today so far. Planned a 10 miler today which would normally take me at least 90 mins on the road so will run on my treadmill for 90 mins later tonight.

My final 2 runs before the Maravan will be 4 miles on tuesday and a 3 miler (my lap) on Wednesday. Resting until then with a Sports Massage booked for friday afternoon.

Since then I have found Peppermint tea which not only helps me relax but also helps me with my IBS as well. Going to continue to drink that right past Maravan weekend.

To reduce any chance of it playing up this weekend, will be eliminating any foods or drink that could possibly cause me problems from Wednesday onwards while trying to carb up a bit. From this wednesday I will not be drinking any tea or coffee with the exception of peppermint tea. No tea or coffee and only drinking fruit juice till thursday. From then on its just mainly water and peppermint tea. Having a small mug of peppermint tea before I set off for the race each morning. Running with people also helps IBS and reduces any stress.

Will be eating either pasta or baked potatoes in the evenings leading up to and including Maravan weekend. Trying to keep off the noodles. Porridge in the mornings from Wednesday till friday.

Am confident that I will run 2 marathons in 2 days but will assess progress after the 1st Day. All that remains is to get out there and do it. Allons-y!